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For billing questions or to set up a payment plan.


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If you are paying a bill for a visit that occurred before February 1, 2024 please pay here.

You can pay your bill any time online by clicking the "Go To Payment Page" button below and then clicking on the "Pay Your Bill" button.  You will be redirected to a secure the portal where you can make a payment.


Note:  When you are filling out your online form please enter the Patient Name under Customer ID.  The patient name may be different than the person paying the bill, and we need to apply payment to the proper account.

If the link buttons does not work properly, please call our office at 706-421-1700.

*Note:  A 3% service charge will be added to the credit card total unless you are using a debit card or American Express.  This may come in the form of a second transaction on your credit card statement.

New Billing System.

If you are paying a bill for a visit that occurred after February 1, 2024 then please use the Tebra link below.


In order to service our patients better, Augusta Allergy & Asthma has partnered with a new billing team, Medico.  Because of this we are using a new patient billing portal.

Please click the link below and you will be redirected to a new billing patient portal through Tebra.

Tebra icon.png
Medico icon.png
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